Match Day Guidance

Arranging Matches

Saturday kick-off times shall be arranged by the home team between 9:00am and 1:00pm. Midweek kick-off times shall be agreed between the teams, or set by the Management Committee in the absence of agreement.


The Home Team is responsible for entering the kick off time on the Full Time website at least seven (7) days prior to the game, unless permission to do this at a later date has been given by the management committee.


The home team shall give notice in writing, telephone, or email of full particulars of the location of, and access to, the ground to the opposing Club and the Referee at least five (5) clear days to the playing of the match. The Away Club shall seek and acknowledge receipt of such particulars.


In the case of a match postponement the Home Team Manager shall notify the Referee by telephone as soon as possible.  Both Teams shall complete a Match Postponement Form (available for download below) to be sent to the Divisional Manager within forty-eight (48) hours of the date of the match.


A Team being unable to supply a Home venue for whatever reason (frost, snow, waterlogged etc) SHALL offer their opponents the opportunity to play the game at their opponent’s ground on that day if the kick-off time can be arranged within one (1) hour of the original set by the Team whose pitch is unavailable


Match Day

Each Home Club shall make arrangements for the provision of designated areas for spectators. This area can be marked by an additional painted line, the use of cones, a roped off area or use of a temporary spectator barrier. The area for spectators should start two (2) metres from the touchline on both sides of the pitch.


Each Team shall provide a suitable first aid kit as well as a person with a First Aid Certificate in their name. Adequate first aid cover shall be provided at all matches. The minimum basic cover is the attendance of a Qualified First Aider (QFA) who is registered as such with the League.


The Home Team shall provide at least two (2) balls fit for play


Opposing Team Managers shall request to see and verify their opponents’ players Registration Cards before the start of the match. If not complied with, no protest regarding eligibility shall be considered.


Prior to each match the participating Teams and Officials shall conduct the ‘Respect’ handshake and/or participating Teams to offer ‘three cheers’ and handshakes to the opposing Team after the match.  This may also be done after the game.


The match Officials fees for each match shall be paid by the Home Team and shall be paid to the Officials immediately after the match. For knockout cup games the fee shall be split.  The away manager shall pay the home manager their half and the home manager shall pay the referee.


Team Managers shall Text their results to Full-Time within five (5) hours of the completion of the match.


Protests and Complaints

Protests and complaints (which shall contain full particulars of the grounds upon which they are founded), shall be lodged with the Disciplinary Secretary within seven (7) days (excluding Sundays) of the match or occurrence to which they refer. Complaints shall be submitted on the official Complaint Form (available for download below).

BCGFL Complaint Form
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Match Postponement Form
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