About the Under 9's

Players in the U9's must be in school years 3 or 4.  As a result of the FA's Youth Development Review, from season 2013/14 Under 9's are not permitted to play in leagues where results are collected or published or winner trophies are presented.  Under 9's can play in a maximum of three trophy events during the season, lasting a maximum of four weeks each.  Under 9's play in a 7 v 7 format.


Our under 9's play in regular weekly fixtures at a Central Venue, with pitches and referees arranged by the League.  These games are normally 20 minutes each way (with the retreat line rule applicable), although shorter games may be played during trophy events to enable all fixtures to be played within the four-week limit. 


Friendly fixtures are played when the trophy events are not being played and these give opportunities for both new players and new coaches/managers to develop in a supported environment.  While players need not be registered with the League for friendly fixtures, all players participating in trophy events must be registered


The relevant Laws applicable to Mini-Soccer and guidance on the Retreat Line are available in the Laws of the Game section.  Note that the Power Play Law will apply to this age group:

  • If a team is losing by a four goal difference they can put an additional player on – so 5v5 becomes 6v5.
  • If the score returns to less than a four goal difference the team takes off a player. It does not have to be the last player to come on.
  • If a team goes on to be losing by a six goal difference a further additional player can be added – so 6v5 becomes 7v5.

Under 9's: Upcoming Fixtures

Details of fixtures for this age group can be found on the FA's Full-time website here.

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